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"Neon Eyed Jack"





(the Droid, Machine Gun Guitar)

Neon Eyed Jack is a battle droid with many weapons hidden in his metal body. In the past, He fought against other droids in order to save humanity. In the fight, the other droids annihilated the human race. Several hundred years after losing his master, Neon Eyed Jack is roaming what’s left of the world after the apocalypse.


(the Feline Humanoids, Bartender)

Anna is Jack's good friend, and is very understanding of him. She runs an old jazz style bar. Her favorite band as of now is "The Humanoids".


BOOGIE GREY (the Alien, Upright Bass)

Boogie is an alien from a distant star that plays the upright bass. He is also a top flight mechanic and an awesome racer. His classic space car is fondly called the "Black Cannonball" by his good buddies.

SWINGIN' "STOVEPIPE" REPTILIAN (the Alien, Senju-Kannon Drums)

Swingin' is a quite gentlemanly alien that plays senju-kannon style drums. He evolved from a dinosaur and came from a distant star with Boogie Grey. He is skilled at cooking and his cuisine puts professional chefs to shame.

ALFIE THE BUGLER (the Alien, Mellow Saxophone)

Alfie is an alien that plays the mellow saxophone. He also came from a distant star with Boogie Grey. He was a famous back-alley doctor in a galaxy far, far away.

"THE BLUES DOGS" (the Canid Mafia)


The Blues Dogs are quite dangerous. They play poker whenever possible and are always aiming to win. The Boss doesn't seem to like Neon Eyed Jack and The Humanoids because Anna is Don's favorite.

"THE SPACE OCTOPUSES" (the Bounty Hunter)

 GENERAL TENTACLES(Captain) and his TENDER CRUISES(Subordinates)

The Space Octopuses are always chasing The Humanoids with crazy looks on their faces. The Humanoids cannot stay long in one place because of them.


CHARLIE CATSKool Three Rockabilly Guys in KOBE, Japan

KITCHEN NEMOAwesome Yoshoku Restaurant in KOBE, Japan

LUXE DE VILLEAmazingVintage Clothing Shop in LOS ANGELES, US

The Midnight Bluebirds - Music Written by Trippin' Flower

Chapter1. "Jack and Meow"
Neon Eyed Jack has reached the end of his wandering in the city of Metropolis. He has been in the city for a few months now, and spends his nights at the Bar Meow, a place where Aliens from all over the galaxy come to perform. Neon Eyed Jack passes the days listening to the Aliens’ songs. Anna, the owner of the Bar Meow, runs her bar in opposition to the outlaws, like the Blues Dogs, that gather in the city. Lately, Anna has been interested in the wanderer Droid-Neon Eyed Jack, who feels emotions, sings songs, and drinks sake just like a sentient being would.

Chapter2. "A Hard Day's Night"

The Humanoids are a group of Aliens, each with their own shady backstory, who came all the way from the Milky Way in their beat up Space Car to do a gig tonight. The Bass player, Boogie Grey, is a racer and mechanic who has dominated countless races all over the Milky Way. Drummer Swingin’ ‘Stovepipe’ Reptilian has a reputation for being the executive chef of three star restaurants throughout the Milky Way, and as for Alfie the Buglar, he is known even at the ends of the Milky Way for his days as a famous back alley doctor. Though the Humanoids are being hunted as a group and have their own histories, the number of people of various planets who have been lured to their music is astronomical, indeed.

Chapter3. "Exile on Main St."

The outlaws are in high spirits when the performances at the Bar Meow begin. In fact, only at this time do the Blues Dogs stop their evil scheming to just enjoy the music. Don’t let their looks fool you: these are some good-hearted guys. As the performances come to an end, a loud noise can be heard outside the bar. It’s the General Tentacles – a group of bounty hunters that have finally tracked down The Humanoids. They don’t give a rat’s ass if The Humanoids are in the middle of a performance. But then Neon Eyed Jack, who was dozing off just a second ago, uses his super powers to come down on the bounty hunters in one fell swell swoop.

Chapter4. "Going to a Galaxy Far, Far Away"

After being thanked by the people at the Bar Meow, Neon Eyed Jack ends up joining The Humanoids as a vocalist, guitarist, and bodyguard. And thus, Neon Eyed Jack & The Humanoids embark on a journey to uncharted parts of the Milky Way.

Written, Edited, Directed and Produced by

2017 Trippin' Flower Designs